First Post!

Yes, rather bland title, I know, but I was at a loss as to what to call it… Titles have always been tricky for me!

Welcome, to my little space in the universe, to the place I will be writing about, books, book reviews, my small business, work, and all other things that pop up! I am sure you will find out soon enough, my writing is honest and to the point and I sincerely hope that you both love and hate it, because that means that somewhere I am connecting with you. And that in itself, is the whole point of this blog.

There are so many books I could start with, meaning, I could go back over past reads and reminisce, but I think I want to start fresh, starting with my current read, The Darkest Minds, by Alexandra Bracken. I am 207 pages in, and wowzers, I am struggling to put it down! But that is enough about that for now. You will find my full review here, in a few days!

This blog was created from necessity, from the need to write longer reviews, rants and excitements. I’m finding GR and Insta a shorter, briefer set of platforms, and sometimes, a girl just wants to ramble on! (Sort of like, what I am doing now…).

Anywho… I think this is the perfect time to wrap it up and say good bye!




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