Bookstagram & Reaching 1k!

Well, it finally happened, I finally reached one thousand followers on my Bookstagram account. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely over the moon about it, but it is also hard to be so excited, when I use it as a platform to share what I love… But I’ll get into that in a minute. Right this second… I ACTUALLY CAN’T BELIEVE 1000 PEOPLE FOLLOW ME!blur bokeh bright burnt

I have had my Bookstagram since January 2016, yes it took me nearly three years, to get to where I am, but there is a reason for that. Unlike so many people using Instagram, my account started as a outlet for me to share what I was reading, I started out being so intimidated by the Bookstagram community, afraid that what I was sharing, wasn’t good enough, that my opinions were wrong and that I was reading the wrong books. I was so jealous of all of the people who were confidently sharing their views, doing videos and speaking honestly about what they had read, and taking stunningly perfect photos. But after a year of this intimidation (I want to make it clear, no one specifically told me I was rubbish or intimidated me directly, I just didn’t think I was good enough, I didn’t think I made good enough content or that my opinions were worth sharing.) I decided that I deserved to be enjoying this platform, Instagram is designed for exactly that, expressing yourself through images and a brief caption. So I changed up what I was doing…

Photo Source: http://www.instagram.com/Bookish.Intoxication

And so began my flat-lay obsession, I started using  stark, clean white backgrounds and applying contrasting filters, I started enjoying taking book photos and showing off my bookish loves. But the best thing that comes with new found confidence in my photos, is that I found confidence in myself too. I started sharing my thoughts and opinions, some were unpopular, but I did it anyway. And this, my friends, is how you get the most out of Instagram. I say this because, I am a pretty honest person, and I find, that I am drawn to other honest people, people who say exactly what they think, they don’t say what they think you want to hear, they tell you the truth, their 100% honest opinion. And that, is what I love about Bookstagram. If they hate something, they will tell you, if they love something, you will see it plastered all over their feed and stories. I found myself commenting on other peoples pictures and replying to stories, fully submerging myself into the world that is Bookstagram, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I only wish I had of overcome my insecurities sooner.

The Bookstagram community is one that is so accepting of everyone, from every background, country, culture, you name it, you are accepted. We are united  by our love of reading, books, fandoms, movies and TV shows. We share our opinions, share our loves and hates, share what is going on in our lives and have a honest and caring sounding board for advice, compassion and kind words. It is honestly one of the most fantastic communities to be a part of.

Wrapping up, I am so, so grateful that one thousand people follow my account, that one thousand of you value the content I am creating, value my opinions and want to hear me talk about books and TV and my slightly annoying obsession with hating love triangles… But I digress, I am humbled by this milestone, and although my Bookstagram is completely for me, it is an amazing feeling to know that there are so many other people who feel the same way I do about books.



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