New Laptop Apsirations

Yet again, here I am, writing about nothing in particular other than something new happened in my life, but I’m excited about it and I want to share it with you!

Recently I got a new laptop! Now, I know what you may be thinking, boriiiinnggg… Everyone has a laptop these days, what is so special about this one? Well, honestly nothing, but let me tell you why it is so significant to me.

I’m going to start with telling you about my new little buddy! I purchased a HP Stream , it has an eleven (11) inch screen and it is white and tiny. Super light weight and looks like this:resize.jpg

Great, you say? Great indeed! It is a cheap little thing and nothing like what I would usually go for. My previous, and still kicking, laptop has a fifteen (15) inch screen, a separate numerical keyboard and it is all metal. My desktop, is a ridiculously large, all in one unit. So I guess the point I am trying to make is that I usually go for the larger items, basically because I watch a lot of Netflix… Which is what makes this little fellow so exciting. I bought this little guy for writing!

*Insert groaning everywhere*… yes like, so many other bloggers, bookstagrammers and influencers (not that I think of myself as that), I am an aspiring novelist. At the moment I am content, working my way back into writing through this blog, but I would love to finish my manuscript. I started a manuscript waaay back in college, one that I got a lot of excitement for at the time, and one that I am still inspired to write. It isn’t the genre that I read anymore, but the story is still in me, yearning to be told. This is where my new little laptop comes in to play.

I am one of those people who finds it difficult to write in one space, wether it be blogging, essays, e-mails or novels. I need change in my writing space and I wasn’t able to do that with my previous laptop. This is mainly due to it weighing 3 kilos and not having any battery life at all… Anyway, I want to be able to take my computer, loaded with my manuscript and all of my notes, anywhere I want. I want to be able to throw it in my bag and if I feel inspired to write or to blog, then I’m able to.

Writing has always been a huge part of my life, ever since I can remember, I have had my nose stuck in a book and dreamed of being a published author. I have always studied English and find the language itself fascinating and frustrating. I have also recently discovered that I am incredibly comfortable in my own skin, that I don’t mind if people know about my blog, bookstagram or my writing ambitions. It has taken me the better part of a decade to reach this confidence and I hope it stays!

Now, the bit you are probably waiting for, the laptop review (so far).

Over-all this little laptop is fantastic. It is light-weight, easy to use and the key board isn’t squishy at all, like you find in smaller sized units. It is my first HP, so I am still adjusting to some of the system differences, but I am really enjoying it! The only thing I have to complain about is the lag and sensitivity of the mousepad, and the fact that there is no way to customise these settings. Other than that, this is a fantastic unit and I highly recommend it. Yes, it has a tiny memory, but that is what an external hard drive or OneDrive is for.

I am so excited to continue on with my writing journey and gaining experience in all aspects of my writing. Who knows, I may even get brave enough to post a chapter on here!


Thanks for reading,




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