Books: Physical VS Electronic

And from the title, here we enter some controversial areas, enter if you dare!

Let me just start with, I love reading, and it doesn’t really matter to me, whether it is a physical book, an e-book on my Kindle or if it is an e-pub on my computer. As long as I am reading, I am happy. But like all people, I too have my favourites.


Physical Books

Need I say more?  They are heavy, smell amazing and give us the sense of achievement as we progress through the book. It gives us something to embrace in tender or sad moments and something to throw in anger. It gives us somewhere to underline, write or highlight. It gives us something to sit on our shelves and admire. Physical books are the best… ever. Unless you are carting more than two (2) around with you constantly… My key example here is for Uni, I was carrying around 5 novels as well as texts books, and let me tell you, that is not a fun time. The shoulders do not thank you for that weight!

blur book stack books bookshelves


Kindle Editions.

I absolutely adore my kindle… Well I don’t at the moment, but in general, I love it. The ability to hold a thousand titles at any given time! This fact is both the reason why I love it and hate it. You see, at the moment I have over 300 books sitting in its little memory, and that is so daunting and intimidating, that I can’t even look at it! Another of it’s flaws is that it needs to be charged, you are halfway into a new book and you are just getting to a good bit and BAM! ‘You need to plug Kindle in to a charging device’. This is even more annoying when you are out or camping, and there are no ‘charging devices’. But other than it’s need to be charged, its scarily large book holding ability and the fact that it just isn’t a book. the Kindle or any other e-reader for that matter is a pretty cool thing. It allows access to so many free classic books, to ARC’s from NetGalley (be careful if you are thinking about NetGalley and all of its glories. HERE is my link to making the most of it and keeping your head above water) and so much more. They also allow you to transport all of your books with you, all the time for a tiny fraction of the weight (your backs and shoulders will thank you!). But as much as I love and use my Kindle often (not at the moment, due to aforementioned scary to be read list), it just isn’t a book…

reading reader kindle female


These are typically read on your computer or laptop, and even though they are books and reading is great (yay), I have a love/hate relationship with these bad boys. Some days, when I am in the candle workshop, pouring away (a tale for another day), I love a good E-pub. I can be on my computer reading, with my wax melting in the corner, two things I love at once (again, yay!). But it also makes it really hard to get comfy and relax into the book you are reading. It almost makes it feel impersonal? Not that I am ungrateful for the E-Pubs I have received, but they are harder to read.

silver imac near white ceramic kettle


Wrapping up… I think you all know what I am going to say. Books are better, with their musty soft pages and delicate covers. With their holdable forms and pointy corners. Yes. I love other forms of reading too, but I always come back to a physical book.

What do you prefer?


Thanks for reading!



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