Havenfall by Sara Holland : Review.

Publishes March 3, 2020. By Bloomsbury Australia

Havenfall was at the top of my list of anticipated reads for 2020, and after reading the first 20 pages, I am reassured that the excitement over it, is very real. As usual, Holland’s writing style is lyrical and mesmerizing. She has a way of writing and world building that makes you believe everything she is creating. That the worlds she is showing you, are completely real and have always exhisted.

I love the concept of this book. Of having worlds linked to earth via portals. It makes the story feel more accessible, like there may be alternate worlds just a hidden cave away. The Havenfall Inn is somewhere I wish I could go. Where people from all walks of life and from all worlds meet once a year, to share stories and gorge themselves on fancy food and drink.

I am so intrigued by the other worlds we see in this book. How Holland has created them to be so different yet so complementary. And what of Solaria, is it a place full of brutal murderers, like Maddie’s history suggests?

Maddie is such a fantastic character. She is strong and confident in herself and who she is. She knows her limits and her abilities. She knows what is expected of her. Even when she is thrust into a position that she wasn’t expecting for a number of years, she takes the bull by the horns and embraces it.

Wow, this book is keeping me on the edge of my seat. There is a feeling of impeding doom, of something big going to happen and from the sounds of the creatures from Solaria, I can only assume the doom is going to be incredible. It is hard to discern who trust within the walls of the Havenfall Inn. Everyone has their own agenda and plan for how to solve the problems they are facing. But who has the treaty’s best interests at heart.

Havenfall is a fast paced whirlwind. Filled with drama, danger and the sense of doing what is right, not for yourself, but for the greater good. From the first page you won’t be able to put this book down. Holland has a way of world building that draws you in. Her characters are so rounded and multi faceted. They leap from the page, wanting you to be part of the tale they are living.

Havenfall is a book that will leave you smiling. It is rich in character, detail, incredible worlds and strong people. Fast paced and pages that fly through your fingers. Sara Holland has written a fantastic piece of fantasy fiction.

Thank you so much to the team at Bloomsbury Australia for sending me an advanced reader copy of this book. I am already in dire need of the next book!

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