Review: The Evolution of Claire by Tess Sharpe

Published by Scholastic Australia

Before we get started, let the record show that I am a huge Jurassic Park/World fan and the minute I saw this book, I knew I had to have it. And I have quite high expectations going in. So lets get started!

This book has captivated me from the first page. Sharpe has a way with words in that you are learning as you read, but it feels like fiction. All of the historical facts and dinosaur facts woven into this book are incredible and add to the over all authenticity of it.

Arriving on Isla Nublar is incredible. I feel as though I am an intern taking my first steps on the island. The joy and curiosity is infectious and written so well. I find myself smiling and being genuinely excited as they uncover new things. Sharpe has such a way of deacribing what is happening, showing the reader what this new world is like. And the way she explains what each intern is doing, their physical responses, gestures, makes it so much easier to read their emotions and feelings on a situation.

I love how you don’t need to have seen any of the Jurassic Park/World movies to enjoy this book. It is easy to follow, quick to pick up and the perfect introduction to the movies, for younger readers. Or, if you’re like me and are obsessed with the films, this book is a fantastic adaptation that gives you, what feels like a backstage pass.

The respect I have for Sharpe is immense. The amount of research she would have had to do for this book is crazy. Yes, she had the movies to go to for visuals, but tje science, the plant names, the animal names themselves. It would have been a huge task. Not only does her research add so much authenticity to this book, it shows her passion for her content. And wow, is the content fantastic.

There are so many different characters, from different backgrounds, with different interests and it makes this book feel so diverse and real. Like a real internship program. Sharpe has taken the initiative to show readers it doesn’t matter how different you or your interests are to others, you are amazing and can do amazing things. The varied scientific skills that are shown, the media skills, the political and social skills. All of these are showing readers that your chosen skill set can get you places. It is inspiring and I hope it gets young readers more interested in the sciences.

This book is a rollercoaster. There are mysteries, plot twists, characte twists. Happiness and laughter followed by extreme sadness. This book has everything a reader wants, or needs, rather. The dinosaurs are just an added bonus!

It is chilling to see the events that changed the sweet, funny Claire we see in ‘The Evolution of Claire’ that turn her into the woman we first meet in Jurassic World. The elements of her personality that she loses through her trauma. I think she sums it up perfectly. She survived. And that alone changes a person. But this change has made her stronger, made her want to make Jurassic World be the best it could possibly be. Make it as safe as possible. And this is where we meet the Claire we love from the films.

What a fantastic read. Fast paced, jam packed full of action, science, friendship and loss. It is fun, and it takes a deeper step into what goes on in the park behind the scenes. Well written and so, so easy to read. This book is perfect for lovers of the films, of dinosaurs, or for younger girls looking for a positive, strong female scientific mind, to look up to. I love the amount of female scientists in this book. It is showing young girls that it is okay to want to know the answers to the big questions. To want to know how things work and why they work.

Thank you so much to Camila and the team at Scholastic Australia, for providing me with a review copy of this book. I am so grateful for the opportunity!

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