Review Post: Reflection by Elizabeth Lim

Published 2018 by Scholastic Aus

I love how we are thrown straight into the midst of the fighting, a scene we are familiar with from Disney’s Mulan. It brings the reader into the right mindset to get into this new, twisted tale.

The writing style is so easy to read, but it still has that feeling of a traditional style.
The scenes throughout this book are so richly detailed, it is so easy to imagine the levels of Diyu, because Lim is a wizard with descriptive writing.

Reflection is so action packed, there is never a dull moment. But the real action picks up when we encounter Mulan’s ancestors and her credibility as Ping, starts to come into question.

This book is such a fun addition to the Mulan franchise. I, personally am choosing to believe that this is actually what happened because it shows a gentle and vulnerable side to Shang and even more of Mulan’s loyalty and perseverance.

I did find Reflection to be a little lengthy, probably longer than it needs to be, to get the point across, but Lim’s descriptive writing makes it a beautiful read. I have loved diving back into the world of Mulan and saving China. This was a wonderful, deeper glimpse into the characters we know and love, as well as meeting fantastic new characters such as ShiShi.

The ending was perfect, it leads the reader perfectly into he end of the movie. What I especially loved was that even though we know Shang is Mulan’s love interest, the romance side of things is never pushed. It is there, gently being suggested, but it isn’t the main focus. I think that really shows not only respect for culture but also for the fact that this is a middle grade title.

Thank you so much to Scholastic for sending me a review copy of this title. It was a lovely dip back into Mulan’s world.

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