Review & Ramblings: As Fast As I Can by Penny Tangey

Published April 2020 by UQP books

Vivian is a firecracker. From page one we are bowled over by her enthusiasm and energy. Her eagerness pushes the pacing of this book forward.

This book is oozing with innocence, friendship and growing up. We see Vivian striving to meet her goal of competing in the Olympics and finding herself along the way.

I love how this book deals with friendship issues, about teasing, bullying and how jokes can be hurtful. I think it is sending such a great message to the audience it is aimed at. Showing readers that winning isn’t everything and that words can hurt.

As Vivian finds her passion for cross country running she starts to run into friction with her friends. The internal conflict feels so real and relateable. Trying to choose between what you want and what will keep you sitting with friends at school.

As Fast As I Can is a heartwarming tale of finding yourself and overcoming hardships. Our protagonist Vivian is 10 years old, sport obsessed and incredibly smart for her age. Reading from her point of view was refreshing, it was honest and innocent.

Incredibly easy to read and with the pacing set by an energetic 10 year old’s perspective, this book flies. It is the perfect tale of resilience and learning to overcome difficulties by finding the good things in your life.

Thank you so much to AusYaBloggers and UQP for having me along on the blog tour for this book.

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