Reviews & Ramblings

Review & Ramblings: Aurora Burning by Kristoff & Kauffman

Published May 2020 by Allen & Unwin

In true Kaufman and Kristoff style, we are thrown back into the world of Squad 312 and it is all action from the get go. Aurora Burning takes off where Aurora Rising ended and the transition between the two is effortless.

At the beginning of Aurora Burning, the reader is provided with a refresher on the characters. I love this idea. It is giving the reader snippets of the characters, what they look like, what they do, their heritage. It gives the reader the perfect refresher before entering the world of Squad 312 again.

No one in the entire galaxy wants this squad of misfits to survive and I am finding that so frustrating. We make it to halfway through the book and there is no clear plot, no path that the squad are following other than survive this, romance that. For those of you who need a more defined plot, just hang on for the ride, it soon sorts itself out.

As I did in Aurora Rising, I love the multiple points of view. I love the additional information it gives us on each character. The way it lets us know them. I was happy to see longer chapters for Zila, this time around. I find her and her story fascinating.
I’m also enjoying Aurora’s new purpose. Her character is evolving and growing but her personality is colder, through learning what being the trigger means, she is losing herself.

I struggled deeply with what Squad 312 did to Kal, I won’t go into details because I want to avoid spoilers. But they didn’t even give him a chance to tell his story. They seemed to forget that he has been there for each of them, they just decided “nope, Kal sucks” in the moment and that was that. Not a fan K&K!

Aurora Burning ends on such a high impact cliff hanger that all of us readers are going to be spinning from until book 3 comes out. The action scenes in this book are fantastic, so detailed and articulate. So much research into solar systems and technology has gone into these books and it shows.

Once again Kristoff and Kauffman have provided us with a high action, sci-fi. Filled with snark, killing and sexy pixie people. Incredibly fast paced and so easy to read, books by these two authors are unlike any you will ever read.

Thank you so much to Allen and Unwin for sending me out a review copy! I loved rejoining the Squad and can’t wait for the next book!

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