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Review & Ramblings: Again Again by e. lockhart

Published 2nd June, 2020. Allen & Unwin

Straight away I am reminded why I love books by e. lockhart. The way she pulls words together in an almost prose like style. How she fills them with so much emotion and power. Her style is unique and relevant and current.

Adelaide is such a complex character. And her complexity is written so authentically. She pushes out the vibe of someone gentle, of someone who is so used to experiencing pain and confusion that she thinks being someone happy is more important than being herself. Getting to know Adelaide is a joy.

I like how Jack complements Adelaide. How he calls her on her subtelties. How he sees her, not the persona she puts on. But the person she is inside. How he knows what she wants but he knows himself enough to not enter into something that he can’t handle. Jack is such an intriguing chatacter.

Again Again, is a book that talks about so many heavy subjects, from drug abuse to relationship breakups. And it tackles them so elegantly. We are shown love throughout this book. It feels as though it is the centre of Adelaides world. And why shouldn’t it be.

We see love as it appears to Adelaide. Messy and hard. Neat and organised. Fast and loud. With her whole heart, openly and also hidden deep within. Lockhart has written a book that shows us all aspects of a persons ability to love.

Again Again is a fascinating, coming of age tale, that shows us we aren’t alone when we are thinking of every possible way a conversation can happen, before it happens. It is honest and gritty and definitely a must read.

Thank you so much to the team at Allen and Unwin for sending me out a review copy of this title. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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