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Review: Hold Back The Tide by Melinda Salisbury

Published by Scholastic Australia, March 2020

Hold Back The Tide is an atmospheric and eerie tale of a young girl in an incredibly small town. It has the classic feel of a Scottish community, with the feel of change blowing through.

Alva is smart, she knows how to tell what the loch needs, what different fish appearing means and how to survive living with her father. She is honest and gritty and brave, someone who is willing to sacrifice herself, her own wants and dreams for the greater good.

For the first half of the book, the pacing is quite slow, giving you time to immerse into the small town. Around the halfway mark, things start to pick up. Things get darker, creepier and stranger.

Hold Back The Tide is terrifying. At first its eeriness and creepiness were chilling yes, but as we learn of what lurks in the lochs surrounding Ormscaula, the terror is turned up. From the halfway point, this book is going to have your heart beating out of your chest. It is race after face, for survival.

I haven’t read a book like this before. So rich with folklore and tradition. Packed to the brim with complex characters and villains who aren’t what you expect. Hold Back The Tide is terrifying, it shows you the overwhelming horror of humanity and of what may be lurking underneath our world.

Thank you so much to the team at Scholastic Australia for sending me out a review copy. I truly appreciate it. Even if I’ll be sleeping with the light on tonight…

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