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Review: The Sister’s Gift by Barbara Hannay

Published by Penguin Australia

From reading the prologue of this book, I knew I needed to put it down and seek out a box of tissues for what was sure to be an emotional read. The Sisters Gift starts in such a raw way, the emotion draws you in to the pages and the writing style is effortless.

The Sisters Gift is the sort of book that pulls you from inside yourself and makes you think. Its characters aren’t as black and white as they seem, its premise isn’t as straight forward as you may think and it it hits so close to home.

The Sisters Gift is a heartfelt tale of family, love and finding yourself. We follow the lives of Billie and Freya and how their paths intersect in ways deeper than we expected.

I love the strong female characters shown in this novel, how it shows them being happy to be on their own, happy to be finding themselves. Freya, Billie and Pearl are all so different but each is strong and resilient and gone through so much in their lives.

The setting of The Sisters Gift is magical and it is giving me the need to travel. Magnetic Island is such a fantastic and magical place and Hannay has captured it perfectly.

The Sisters Gift is heart-warming and filled with emotion. Easy to read and to get lost in, it shows the strength we all have inside, if we dare to look.

Thank you so much to Penguin Australia for sending me a review copy. All thoughts are my own.

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