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Review: Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

Midnight Sun was the perfect hit of nostalgia that I needed and was hoping for, from Stephanie Meyer.

It was so easy to fall back into Forks, to remember Twilight and to see things from a new perspective.

The first half of the book did feel quite slow, the pacing was off and it made some scenes drag longer than they needed to. However the second half flew, taking a tale we already know and skewing it to be seen from a new perspective. It was great to see it from Edwards point of view. Even if his self depreciation got a little tedious.

I loved the tid bits that we got to learn about the Cullens, seeing Emmett in a way other than just the strong guy, getting a glimpse into Alice’s past. It was all a great addition to the story we know and love.

As always, Meyer has written something purely for her fans. Well written and engaging, Midnight Sun feels like coming home, feels like visting and old friend.

Thank you so much to Hachette Australia for sending me out a review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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