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Review: Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

Published November 2020

From the first page, Instant Karma is a joy. We are thrust into Prudence’s world, which just so happens to overlap with Quint’s.

Instant Karma is adorable, it is the perfect melding of slow burn romance and animal conservation. I love the spin on marine life that Meyer has included in this book. It is unique and really gets the reader involved and thinking about their impact on the world around them.

Prudence is a wonderful protagonist. She is awkward, smart, conscientious and blunt. She cares about her grades and her future and I love how Meyer has depicted her and how her peers treat her. How we get to see how it affects Prudence, the way that she is viewed verses who she really is. That element makes Instant Karma feel more authentic.

Watching Prudence and Quint develop their friendship was a joy. We got to see them, not only finding each other, but also themselves. Quint so perfectly complements Prudence, he gives her happiness and confidence, shows her the things that she is moving too fast to see.

Instant Karma is a sweet tale of finding yourself and your moral compass. It dives into complex issues of marine conservation and animal rights in ways that really make the reader think. This book gives you delicious slow burn romance and saving animals. What’s not to love?

Well written and oh so easy to read. Marissa Meyer has created a contemporary YA fiction that is un-put-down-able. Definitely worth a read!

Thank you to MacMillan Australia for sending me out a review copy. All thoughts are my own.

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