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Books That Let Me Down This November

This post may be a little controversial, so if in the collage below are any of your favourite reads, probably get out of this blog post… Now.

These three books let me down this month, I was really looking forward to them and two out of three were books that I was approved for ARC’s from NetGalley for. I didn’t finish these books. How do I know that I didn’t like them if I didn’t finish them? You may ask. Well let me tell you a thing about me. I give every book a chance, they have 50 pages to wow me, to draw me in and invest me in the story they are telling. If by 50 pages, I’m not invested, or even slightly enjoying the book, it gets unfinished. I used to feel guilty about this process, but not anymore. There are so many books to read and so little time,so why waste precious time reading something I’m not enjoying, why waste my time as well as the authors, the review readers and the NetGalley Team’s time? Which brings me to the following three books. Hold onto your hats people.



Mirage – SomaiyaDaud

This book has such a fantastic premise, stunning cover and so many great reviews, not to mention the overall hype about it! For me, I found the pacing incredibly off, it is quite slow paced to start with, but it speeds up in moments it needs to be slow, for the reader to appreciate the scene, and it is slow in the ‘action’ type scenes. I just found it incredibly hard to get into. I found myself having to re-read passages, to go back chapters to re-read things to make the current chapter I was reading make sense.

Grace and Fury – Tracy Banghart

Again, The premise of this book sounds so good! Two sisters, chalk and cheese, both spending eternity looking after the other, even by hiding a royally, deadly secret. It sounds incredible. However I found the writing style quite stiff and the language being used added to that stiff feel. I totally understand the Victorian Era language style, but it takes away the flow from scene to scene and character to character, throughout the book. It felt like a classic style book that I was being forced to read at Uni. I didn’t finish this one, but I can see and understand why so many people are loving it. It just wasn’t for me.

To Best The Boys – Mary Weber

I requested this title from NetGalley for its originality, for the idea that a girl was going to go into a male dominated quest, kick some serious arse and get to go and get a quality education. What I wasn’t expecting was to hate the protagonist. I felt as though she was trying to hard to be cool and edgy. It made her come across as callous and obnoxious. This book is fast paced, so that aspect really works in its favour. The over all writing style is a little different to what I usually go for, I didn’t finish this book, but like Grace and Fury, I can see how this book will be well received in some circles.



That brings my let down post to an end. It wasn’t incredibly long this month, and I hope I can keep them under 5 books a month. I was a little wary of posting this, but the reasons we don’t like books are just as important as the reasons we do. I also believe that any publicity for a title is good publicity and just because I am posting something negative about these books, doesn’t mean you won’t like them. This is purely my opinion!

We as bloggers are creating conversations about titles, through these conversations, we are getting the title and authors names out there for people to make their own mind up about reading or not reading.

Did any of these titles let you down?


As always, thanks for reading!