Review: Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

Published January 2021 by Walker Books Australia

I’ll admit, I haven’t read The Hate U Give, but I have seen the movie, and I figured that was enough to go into Concrete Rose with some knowledge of the people I’d meet within the pages.

Concrete Rose is written with such grit and authenticity, its pages is filled with pain and the constant effort to get ahead.

I’ll admit, I set out reading this alongside another book. But after the first three chapters In was hooked. Thrown into the middle of Maverick’s imploding life. Maverick is one of those characters you can’t help but want the best for. He is seventeen and has gone through so much in his short life. The reader just wants him to be happy, to get ahead and be safe.

Concrete Rose, is powerful, gritty and raw. It tugs at your heart and provokes questions about your own life.
From start to finish, Concrete Rose is a powerful book with a powerful message. It shows you the strength of humanity, the power of perseverance and the gift that is children. This isn’t sn easy book to read, but it is an important one. The language and speedy pace, keeps pages turning until you are lost in Maverick’s world, fighting along side him for a better life.

Thank you to Walker Books Australia for sending me a review copy of this title. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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